Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mother Was A Leapling

My mother was one of the relatively rare people (one in 1500) who were born on February 29th. Had she lived, she would be celebrating her 26th birthday today and she would be 104 years old. She was the fourth child of  six born to Edwin and Augusta Zabel Brown.

Here is her birth certificate and a picture of Mother with her three older siblings:

Unfortunately, Mother died at age 67 of pancreatic cancer just a month before her 15th birthday. She is buried close to the graves of her mother and father and several of her brothers and sisters in East Cemetery, Grass Lake, Michigan. She is still missed by all who knew her, particularly on her special day.


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  1. At first, I thought you had a typo there, age 67 ...before her 15th birthday. Then my brain went into gear. This is sure interesting.